Tamas was born in Baja, Hungary in 1977, and during the elementary school years he attended the local art school as well. Later he was admitted to the Rudnay Artist Group where he has learned new techniques from the late painter Ferenc B. Mikli. He mooved to the United States (Florida) in 1997 to master his third, but nowdays most used language, English. 

His first single artist exhibition took place in Galveston, TX at the art walk, at  Nest Gallery. Since, he has exhibited in Miami, FL, New York, NY, as well as a guest artist on board vessels of the British cruise line P&O and it's sister company Holland America Lines, and recently in Barcelona. Currently his work is on show at the KADARKA Lounge, in Budapest, Kiraly Street. 

Tamas currently lives in Barcelona, Spain and works in his home studio. 



The Heart Art

the pics from the Barcelona exposition will be posted soon and My 2024 collection is coming along...
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